Infinity Tree Tarot - the name is inspired by my understanding of the essential nature of rooting and grounding ourselves, while maintaining flexibility, like the branches of trees in the wind, so that we may consciously and purposefully choose from the infinite paths before us.


I am inspired by nature, especially when out in it, but I also love a good city walk.  Find out more about me, here.

Infinity Tree Tarot


Welcome, dear one! 
I'm glad you're here.
What do you seek?
May you find it, near.

I am Sequoia  - your tarot reader.  Honored to meet you.


I believe Tarot is a tool for growth, clarity and empowerment, not a fatalistic set of predictions.  The cards can help show your current environmental conditions, so to speak, and give you the power to change the forecast, if you don't like the outlook. 


So, what are you looking for?  I've got plenty of clarity to offer you, with insightful readings. 

Combined with my thorough knowledge of the cards, my intuitive reading style gives you potent power and advice, aligned with your highest good.


You can get inspired  by looking through all sorts of things that inspire me (mostly great music and poetry, about...nature... and trees.)


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