Joyful Spirit Roadmap

A 3-Month Coaching Program to bring
Easy Spiritual Practice, Personal & Spiritual Growth
into your Everyday Life
Happy Meditator

Are you:

-a busy professional and/or parent trying to incorporate a regular spiritual practice?

-longing for more sacred connection but finding that life gets in the way?

-starting a practice only to then give up on it partway through?

-trying to do too many things at once, including spiritual work?

-second guessing your own intuition and decisions?

-needing accountability for personal goals and spiritual growth?

-wanting to find and grow a community of like-minded humans?

-invested in your mental and spiritual health?

Let's picture your ideal life...

✔ You have a clear vision of what you want your life to look like

✔ You have specific and achievable actions to take to move toward your goals

✔ You easily incorporate spiritual practice everyday even when life becomes busy and crazy

✔ You feel and know you are supported on the Earthly and Spiritual plane

✔ You are able to maintain your practice and sense of stability through challenging life circumstances
Begin your Application Process h:

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