The Snakes of September

The Snakes of September All summer I heard them rustling in the shrubbery, outracing me from tier to tier in my garden, a whisper among the viburnums, a signal flashed from the hedgerow, a shadow pulsing in the barberry thicket. Now that the nights are chill and the annuals spent, I should have thought them gone, in a torpor of blood slipped to the nether world before the sickle frost. Not so. In the deceptive balm of noon, as if defiant of the curse that spoiled another garden, these two appear on show through a narrow slit in the dense green brocade of a north-country spruce, dangling head-down, entwined in a brazen love-knot. I put out my hand and stroke the fin

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves Celebrations of gratitude for past seasons' fullness; Last bright colors anticipate winter's muted solitude. Brilliant hurrahs on painted sunsets announce inward turnings, silent renewals. Leaves that affirm, remind, invoke -- then let go and fall so new births can begin. - LynneAnne Forest

Sky Slope

Sky Slope The strange September sun departs A soft breeze cracks the wall of humidity Those on the way to work glide above the pavement Happy as if Second Avenue were transformed: Ah, a brick lane in an ancient city on the day Of the morning of a religious revival When the prophets and clowns come to town Yes, we all deserve the best Isn’t that so? Looking east: tiny clouds piled One on top of another Like stones on a trail elsewhere Shift your head and the frail blue sky is empty High and empty This is the void Nobody wants to die We all deserve the best Isn’t that so? If I were to follow the path of clouds Mind recollecting, backtracking then brazenly Galloping ah

Full Moon Insights: Love & Simplicity

LOVE & SIMPLICITY 09-16-16 Full Moon Insights Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, Tonight! Tonight we will have a gorgeous full moon and a lunar eclipse. Wherever you are, I encourage you to step outside and take a moon bath, even if only for a few moments. Do like my friends recommend in the song below and "Get out and get under the moon!" I felt like it would be beneficial to give some special Full Moon Insight, so a bit further on, you'll find a reading on how to best use tonight's lunar energy. Subscription Offerings Personalized Card of the Day, Week or Month It's come to my attention the regular deliveries of personalized tarot insight are in order. You may now subscribe to your own per

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