In the Deepest Deep

In the Deepest Deep In the deepest deep and the darkest dark, when the lightest light is the smallest spark, when oppression reigns and repression leads, when hate drives men in fanatic creeds... When power is held like precious seeds and the ground is barren and the waters freeze... In these darkest times we must find our spark where the flame burns bright inside our hearts. In the deepest deep and the darkest dark, we must light our light with our heart’s own spark. There are times of day when the sun shines bright, and there are times of dark in the deepest night when the souls of men turn away from light and nature suffers with disease and blight. W

Ravens Hiding in a Shoe

Ravens Hiding in a Shoe There is something men and women living in houses Don’t understand. The old alchemists standing Near their stoves hinted at it a thousand times. Ravens at night hide in an old woman’s shoe. A four-year-old speaks some ancient language. We have lived our own death a thousand times. Each sentence we speak to friends means the opposite As well. Each time we say, “I trust in God,” it means God has already abandoned us a thousand times. Mothers again and again have knelt in church In wartime asking God to protect their sons, And their prayers were refused a thousand times. The baby loon follows the mother’s sleek Body for months. By the end of summer, s

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