The Shaman - Card 1

The Shaman. Card 1. The beginning of Knowing. The first Meeting. The introduction to Yourself, to Tools, to Mysterious Power. The next card in our Journey through the Wildwood Tarot brings us face to face with The Shaman. Clad in bear skin, marked with tattoos, draped with stone jewelry, a beard of ages, and a tunic with symbols we've yet to learn the meaning of; The Shaman knows things we dearly wish to know (and one day we might; didn't you catch a reflection of yourself in his flashing eyes?) but for now, he shows us four important tools that we will need: -a cup made from antlers holding water, ready to quench thirst, -a crackling, smoky bundle of twigs of an unknown plant, ready to warm

The Wanderer - Card 0

The Wanderer Card 0. Before the beginning, the beginning of the beginning, the beginning of the unknown. In the Wildwood Tarot, card 0 is The Wanderer, not The Fool, as in the Rider-Waite and many other decks. Barefooted, arms open to receive, heart forward, Wanderer moves out into the world with optimistic trust, stepping off a cliff onto a bridge of rainbow. Where others might hesitate at such an ethereal walkway, the Wanderer steps out joyously. Stepping off verdant, home shores, the Wanderer wears a cloak of green reminder, wrist cuffs and a braided belt made by those back home - protective and comforting. Home is with the Wanderer, home is where the feet are, home is where it is carried

Meditate Among May Flowers

May Flowers! Hello Dear! How does your garden of your mind grow? Prim and proper or full of weeds to pull? The cards this month suggest a bit of both. No worries though - I've got you covered with this month's forecast which will help you prune what is unnecessary. TAROT & TEA continues! at Jupiter Moon Art and Goods 507 South Main St. Sebastopol, CA Wednesday, May 10th and May 24th 5:30-7:30pm Join me every other Wednesday at Jupiter Moon Art and Goods where I'll be available for drop-in tarot readings. Let's share a cup of mint tea while we tune in to the guidance that is right for you, right now. I've loved reading for and meeting those of you who've come to these so far, and am

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