Love and Free Will

Clients often come for a tarot reading when their love life isn't in the best of shape. No surprise, of course - we all want help with the most important relationships in our lives, me included. So we look for wise counsel when things go awry. A persistent theme throughout these love readings is - remember your own agency. You always have a say in how your life unfolds, but it seems we can easily forget this when it comes to love. You may already know that I advise questions to be asked in an empowering way, such as "What can I do to attract the love I desire?" rather than something like "Will so-and-so come back to me?" but beyond this, stronger and more foundational than this is the inner

It's Always Been About Wind

It’s Always Been About Wind It’s early and the top of the oak wet with dew is swaying, calling me as it did when I was a boy, and the birds, singing before we wake, are the hearts of those who’ve suffered, reborn as soft things that sit in trees. As for me, I’ve become a hollow bone through which things long needing to be said are sung, though I often don’t know what they mean. I have been carved out, one heartache at a time, to make a clear sound. I don’t cite this as a principle, just what happened to me. I lean my head to the wind and my heart sings. Then I eat the song. - Mark Nepo

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