Intuitive Energetic Hygiene

A 4-Week Exploration of
Intuition, Empathy and Energetic Tools
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In this 4-week class, I will guide us in learning, strengthening and  deepening the following abilities:

- knowing how, when and why to use your intuition

- how to open and close your intuitive channel

- determine what your strongest "clair" is and build up the others

- learn and use energetic cleansing and clearing practices, including grounding

- how to set intentions

- plant use in intuitive work

- how and why to set intuitive and spiritual boundaries

- meditation practices

- how to create and deepen your spiritual connection

- developing trust and belief in yourself

- how to make all of this your own

Class meets Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm PST on April 14, 21, 28, and May 5, via video.

Tuition is $130, covering all 4 weeks.

Once you register there are no refunds - be sure you're available for the class dates.

Class minimum enrollees is 4 and is capped at 10.

✨ Registration Now Open ✨

 What you will need for class:

-an open mind

-willingness to participate in class

(not a class to watch while you're also doing something else)

-a special notebook/journal for note taking

-an intuitive tool, tarot deck recommended, but others are acceptable

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