Meditate Among May Flowers

May Flowers!

Hello Dear! How does your garden of your mind grow? Prim and proper or full of weeds to pull? The cards this month suggest a bit of both.

No worries though - I've got you covered with this month's forecast which will help you prune what is unnecessary.


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Below you will find the cards for the May forecast. Take several quiet moments to center yourself, breathing calmly, with eyes closed. Listen to any inner knowings that take place. When ready, choose card 1, 2, or 3, from left to right. ...

You'll find your card revealed, with my interpretation at the close of this email.


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I like your interpretation about what I should do to get clear. -Kai Yes, that makes a lot of sense. -April

WOWEE I can attest to your readings!!! Spot on! -Janet


Pause and breathe. Have you chosen your card for the May forecast? Do so now, before scrolling any further.


All 3 cards will provide insight for the month. The card you chose will be especially potent.