When You Don't Like Your Reading

October 2, 2018

Sometimes when we get a reading, or give a reading to ourselves, we don't like the messages that we receive.  What is the wise course of action when this occurs?


It can be tempting to say "no, that's wrong," "the energy was off," "I'll go to another reader and see what they say." What I suggest is to sit with the messages, wait and observe. Ask yourself what is it in this reading that bothers you so? Ask yourself, if things were to play out this way, how would I respond? Where would I find strength?


It's true that sometimes the cards that show up can be a slap in the face, or perhaps better worded, a wake up call. There are times we need to hear messages that we'd rather not and a reading can be like a good friend who tells you what you need to hear, even knowing that you might temporarily be upset with her for saying it.


I know that I've personally experienced readings becoming more and more forceful the more I ignored, reinterpreted, disregarded the painful messages. Haha - we're all human and there is no changing that in the here and now.


Have empathy and compassion for yourself, even when the cards don't!


You can book your reading with me right here, where I'll deliver messages with as much compassion as possible, but still always tell you what I read even if it's rough.


May we breath through it all!


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